Dreaming is an individual pursuit; achieving a dream takes a team.
Here are the credits for my debut single:

Regan Ziegler - Artist

Music and lyrics; all guitars, vocals, and background vocals.

Chip Matthews - Producer & Engineer

Producing; mixing;  editing; engineering (classical guitar and bass); arrangement (backup vocals). Chip’s Credits

Shawn Fichter - Drummer, Percussionist

Drums, guiro, cabasa, and tambourine; use of home studio to record drums, percussion, some bass, and B3 organ. Shawn’s Credits

Steve Mackey - Bassist

Bass guitar, with masterful precision. Steve’s Credits

Giovanni Rodriguez - Percussionist

Congas, and innovative rhythms. Giovanni’s Credits

Billy Nobel - Keyboardist

B3 organ, for texture and mood. Billy’s Credits

Adam Ayan - Mastering

Mastering of the single. Adam’s Credits

Mark Polack - Tracking & Mixing Engineer

Teaching me so much about music production, that I could do some on my own. It’s fair to call this talented multi-instrumentalist my mentor.

Joe Bregande - Tracking Engineer

Recording of multiple guitar tracks.

Paul & Dave Bregande - Team

Assistance with arrangement and invaluable support.